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Interactive Checklists

Newborn Baby -- Infant to 6 months

Category: New Baby Preparation
This check list is in the following categories:
These are newborn baby items needed in the home from the time a baby is first brought home from the hospital until they are sitting up.
This new baby checklist includes items that are basic necessities and are difficult to substitute. Some items are not included (such as changing table and bouncy seat) because they pose a safety hazard or are not at useful as one might think.
  • Pacifier
    Attach to child's clothing with ribbon and snap.
    Babies naturally need to suck. They can use their thumb, but a pacifier is easier to wean them off of later, if necessary.
  • Infant diapers
  • Light-weight blankets
  • Clothing
    • T-shirts that snap at the bottom (such as a Onesies)
    • socks with elastic cuff
    • booties
    • shirts that open in front
    • pants with elastic-waist
  • Car seat
  • Fold-and-go baby bed
    To save money, consider using a folding baby crib instead of a standard baby crib. The fold-and-go baby bed may also be a safer alternative because it is closer to the floor and has mesh sides instead of wooden bars.
  • Stroller that converts to a bed
  • Diaper bag
  • first aid kit Coleman Base Camp First Aid Kit for child's room
    • underarm thermometer
    • ipecac (in case the child swallows a non-acidic chemical)
    • nasal suction bulb
    • teeth numbing medicine
    • finger nail clippers for baby
  • Sunscreen for babies
  • Baby swing
  • Front pack
  • Bibs (with elastic or Velcro at neck)
  • Spit-up clothes
  • Easy-to-fill baby bottles
  • Baby formula
  • Books
  • Music
  • Toys (very few are needed in the first months)
  • Baby monitor
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