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Interactive Checklists

Student Driver Training

Category: Training and Education
This check list is in the following categories:
This checklist is for a student who is learning to drive. It shows what steps need to be taken before starting the engine and while driving.
Driving can be dangerous. Reduce your risk by learning these steps to ensure you and your vehicle is ready for the road. Follow this Student Driver Training checklist in sequential order when preparing to drive an automobile.
  • Check seat position. Adjust if necessary.
    Wrist should be touching the top of the steering wheel when arm is extended.
  • Check mirrors for adequate visibility.
    Student driver should sit in a comfortable driving position when checking auto mirrors for visibility. Adjust mirror to view as much of the "blind spot" on either side of vehicle as possible. Back mirror should be adjusted to allow new drive to see through all of back window.
  • Find windshield wiper button, lights, and air conditioning knobs.
    Before starting the vehicle, the student driver needs to know where the automobile components are located and how to adjust them without looking at the knob or lever.
  • Know where you are going. Set the GPS.
    Even an experienced driver should check the map and make sure they know where they are going before they drive onto the road.
  • Do you have your driver's license, proof of insurance, and registration?
  • Set your cell phone to work with a hands-free device.
    It is illegal in many states to talk on your cell phone while diving. If you do not have a hands free device, turn off the volume on your phone so you won't be tempted to answer if it rings.
  • Start the ignition!
  • Locate your preferred radio station before you start to drive.
    While you are driving is not the time to try and find a radio station.
  • Check all mirrors for people, cars, or objects that may be in the way.
  • Press on the brake and disengage the parking brake (if it has been set.)
  • Continue to press on the brake while shifting into drive or reverse.
  • You are now ready to begin driving...
  • Check the gauges on the control panel when the engine is hot.
    You will not get an accurate gas level reading until after starting the ignition. Be aware of oil level and temperature gauge after vehicle has been running for awhile and engine is hot.
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