Interactive Checklists

Activities for Children

Checklists that interest children. These lists also deal with ways to keep children busy, learning, and happy.
  • Birthday Party Ideas for Young Children
    Make a birthday party magical for young children by implementing these creative activities.
  • Camping in The Summer With Children
    This is a list of supplies needed for camping in the summer, especially when young children are present.
  • Art Projects For Young Children
    When there is no school and children are home for the day, you can fill your time with fun. This is a list of inexpensive and simple-to-make craft ideas and art projects to do at home with young children.
  • How to Make Paper Flowers
    A fun and inexpensive craft project for children. Tissue paper flowers are inexpensive and easy to assemble, and a great way to add a Mexican flare to a party or simple elegance to a wedding reception.
  • Making a Pinata Out of Paper Mache
    Kids love birthday pinatas, but why pay a bunch of money for one. Make one with your kids -- they are fun to make...and break!
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