Interactive Checklists


These business checklists are useful for those in the work environment to help increase productivity, manage employees, protect assets, and increase profit.
  • Air Travel Preparation
    Helpful hints and what to pack when traveling by air.
  • Resume Writing Tips
    Writing a good resume is the first step in find a job. This list of resume-writing tips will help with preparing a good resume.
  • Choosing a Website Design Company
  • Interview Questions
    There are several questions you might be asked if interviewing for a new job. This checklist is a sample of common questions to help you be prepared. This checklist of interview questions can also be saved, modified, and used by the interviewer to help ensure that the questions being asked are legal and do not discriminate.
  • Records, Paperwork, and Information to Keep
    Guidelines for keeping track of legal, financial, and medical records in case of emergency or an unexpected occurrence.
  • Tax Deductions for Contractors and Self-employed Business Owners
    These expenses can reduce taxable income and self-employment tax for contractors and those who own a business.
  • Note: Although these checklists have been carefully prepared by individuals who are experts in the subject, we do not suggest the information be used as a substitute for legal, medical, or financial advice. Always consult a professional who understands your specific situation.