Interactive Checklists

Home Ownership

These general lists related to home ownership are helpful to anyone currently owning a personal residence.
  • Homeowner Documents -- Keep for Tax Purposes
    This is a list of homeowner documents and receipts that need to be kept for tax purposes and why they may be needed.
  • How to Calculate Gain on Sale of Personal Home
    Determine how much gain you need to report to the IRS after selling a personal home. This step-by-step checklist will show if your home sale has generated a gain or loss and whether that will affect your tax liability.
  • Playground Surface Materials
    These materials are typically used as cushioning for under a child's playground. Some are suitable and some are not.
  • Tax Documents Needed for Homeowners
    If you are a homeowner, this is a list of the tax documents and expenses you will need for preparing your tax return.
  • Note: Although these checklists have been carefully prepared by individuals who are experts in the subject, we do not suggest the information be used as a substitute for legal, medical, or financial advice. Always consult a professional who understands your specific situation.