Interactive Checklists


Checklist of what you need for various types of athletics.
  • Bike Ride Checklist
    Will you be prepared for a flat tire or fine-tune bike adjustment on the road? There are so many things to remember for even a short bike ride. It is helpful if you keep a bike ride checklist.
  • Day Hike
    This is a checklist of the things you will want to bring with you on a day hike.
  • White Water Rafting
    Conquering the white water in a raft is more fun when you are prepared. This is a list of the basic essentials you may want to consider bringing on your next white-water rafting trip.
  • Note: Although these checklists have been carefully prepared by individuals who are experts in the subject, we do not suggest the information be used as a substitute for legal, medical, or financial advice. Always consult a professional who understands your specific situation.