Interactive Checklists


Checklists for parents of young children and teenagers.
  • ADHD
    Help for people who may have ADHA or difficulty staying focused on a task.
  • Babysitting and Child Care Worker Duties
    Help your babysitter or childcare provider by giving them a checklist of things to do and important information.
  • Children and Allowance Money
    This is a list of ideas for helping children learn to manage money.
  • Chores for Children
    This is a checklist of chores that are age-appropriate for school-age children.
  • Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
    List of ideas for encouraging positive behavior in children and reducing sibling rivalry.
  • Infant and Toddler Safety
    Keep your new baby safe with this child safety checklist.
  • Low-Cost Summer Activities for Children
    Creative and inexpensive ideas to keep young children busy during the summer.
  • Parents and Children - Teaching Obedience
    Here are some ideas for helping parents and children gain the respect for each other, which leads to good behavior.
  • Sack Lunch Ideas
    Packing a lunch for school or going on a picnic is fun and easy with this list of sack lunch ideas.
  • School Supplies
    Use this list to keep track of the back-to-school supplies needed for your school-age children.
  • Note: Although these checklists have been carefully prepared by individuals who are experts in the subject, we do not suggest the information be used as a substitute for legal, medical, or financial advice. Always consult a professional who understands your specific situation.